Who are we?

The Laboratory for Research and Innovation in Education for Latin America and the Caribbean, SUMMA, was created in 2016 by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), to support the Ministries of Education in the region. Currently, SUMMA works collaboratively with the Ministries of Education of 21 countries across the continent.

To achieve its mission, SUMMA has organized itself in a work model that generates:

  • Knowledge and rigorous comparative evidence that identifies and addresses the main educational gaps in the region.
  • Effective and adapted high-impact innovations that can be scaled in partnership and coordination with different educational actors in the region.
  • Collaboration and dissemination of knowledge and innovation networks.

Innovation and global knowledge platforms

Innovation Maps

It is an online platform that SUMMA makes available to school communities, academics, government authorities and the general public, which aims to identify, describe and disseminate successful experiences of educational innovation, promoted and developed in Latin America and the Caribbean as well as in other parts of the world.

Effective Educational Practices

It is an online tool that synthesizes high quality international and Latin American academic evidence on the effectiveness of educational interventions at school level. It was developed in partnership with the EEF, one of the most important centres in the world in evidence synthesis, in order to be a relevant support for decision makers in public policy, teachers, principals and the educational community as a whole.


It is a platform of educational, social, and economic indicators developed by the Knowledge and Innovation Exchange Centre for Latin America and the Caribbean (KIX LAC). This online tool aims to highlight the educational gaps in the countries that make up KIX LAC, their progress and provide policy alternatives that respond to the identified challenges.

Our outstanding initiatives

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Member organizations of our network
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With whom and where?

Radical collaboration is one of the fundamental principles guiding SUMMA’s work. We believe that by working collaboratively we can greatly amplify our impact. We work closely with Ministries of Education across Latin America and the Caribbean, and with dozens of leading public, private, academic and civil society institutions, locally, regionally and globally.

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