Financial Transparency

Under the Regional Public Goods Initiative, the Inter-American Development Bank and Fundación Chile established a Technical Cooperation with the aim of creating the Laboratory of Education Research and Innovation for Latin America and the Caribbean, SUMMA.

  • SUMMA has a budget of US$1,370,000 for its first two years of implementation. This initiative is financed by both institutions, in accordance to the chart shown below:
BID US$950,000
FCH US$420,000
TOTAL US$1,370,000
  • Starting its third year of implementation, SUMMA will be eligible to renew the financial support received from the IDB, under the “Regional Public Goods” scheme. Also, as of 2019, SUMMA plans to expand its financial sources to public and private entities, which will allow guaranteeing its financial sustainability and consolidate its autonomy to accomplish its mission adequately.