Book gathers documents of educational policy published in the process of the T20 Argentina during 2018

The publication "Puentes al futuro de la educación: Recomendaciones de política para la era digital" ("Bridges to the future of education: Policy Recommendations for the Digital Age"), which brings together the documents produced by the Working Group "The Future and Education for the Digital Age", in the framework of the T20 Argentina work process, is already available. The presentation of the book took place on September 17, within the framework of the Think 20 Summit and was attended by the Secretary of Innovation and Educational Quality of Argentina, Mercedes Miguel.


From left to right: Javier González director of SUMMA; Mercedes Miguel, Secretary of Innovation and Educational Quality of the Ministry of Education of Argentina; Santiago Cueto, Director of GRADE (Peru) and Alejandra Cardini, Director of Education CIPPEC (Argentina).

The publication has special value because it is the first year that education has been incorporated as a working topic in the T20 agenda. The reflection, evidence and proposals generated around education, seek to be a concrete contribution to public policy decision-making, and promote a society capable of combining economic prosperity, environmental sustainability and social inclusion. Education plays a fundamental role in achieving this purpose.

The book includes topics such as the education gap, skills for the 21st century, gender equality, curriculum reform, future employment and educational financing. This last topic is the focus of the recommendations document “Financing Quality and Equitable Education in Latin America“, a collaborative work of SUMMA (Chile), GRADE (Peru) and CIPPEC (Argentina) for T20.

The publication has been made possible with the support of Fundación Santillana, is available in English and Spanish, and was officially launched on September 17, in the framework of the T20 Summit.

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