Chaka Project progresses in diagnostic phase to identify key challenges in each TP facility

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The Chaka Project: Puentes para el Aprendizaje Colaborativo (Bridges for Collaborative Learning), advances in its implementation with the development of the diagnostic phase in the five TP establishments that are part of the Chaka project. The gathering of this information will allow us to verify their initial situation, visualize their strengths, weaknesses and opportunities, and consolidate relevant information for the elaboration of the plans to accompany the high schools during the development of the project.

Gonzalo Plaza, SUMMA’s Director of School Transformation and Chaka’s coordinator, pointed out that “the diagnostic process is built from an integral perspective of each establishment, considering the school management evaluation model used by the Education Quality Agency  —which addresses the areas of leadership, training and coexistence, pedagogical management and resource management— and two additional dimensions highlighted by the Chaka program: transformation of the local ecosystem (networks and alliances of collaboration in the territory) and transformation of the educational experience of students.”

The purposes of diagnosis are:
1. To give an account of the initial situation of the educational institutions at the time the Chaka program started.
2. To identify the main strengths and weaknesses of educational institutions in the different dimensions of school management defined.
3. To serve as an input for the elaboration of the plans to accompany the establishments in order to comply with the different components and lines of action of the program.

The information was collected during August and included individual and group interviews, surveys, documentary analysis, classroom observation, establishment observation, among others.

During September, workshops will be held with the different actors and representatives of the respective educational communities, where strengths, weaknesses and opportunities will be observed in light of the findings of the diagnosis, and joint goals and work will be committed based on the agreed upon challenges. The information from these workshops will be incorporated into the diagnoses of each establishment, thus consolidating the final reports. This way, such input is legitimized by all the actors of the project.

More information about the Chaka project here

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