Director of SUMMA speaks in seminar Inequality: Measurements, Analysis and Policies, organized by ECLAC | Santiago

Aug 27, 2019 | News


Javier González, director of SUMMA, participated in the seminar Inequality: Measurements, Analysis and Policies, organized by ECLAC, within the framework of its Summer School 2019. The initiative aims to promote innovative research on inequality measures, analysis and policies.

Gonzalez’s exhibition was titled Social Mobility, Education and Quality of Employment in Chile, where he presented a study of his authorship that is unique in Latin America in terms of the richness of the data collected and methodologies. The director of SUMMA pointed out that the analysis “shows that the work paths of subjects who studied in the same university and career, but who come from families of different social classes, are not only unequal, but divergent in time. The children of the elite use their social networks to take more and more advantage in their adult professional life. That is to say, the promise of social mobility of education is not fully fulfilled.”

The meeting brought together researchers from academia, think tanks, and business and non-profit organizations to discuss the issue. Previously, for this meeting, research papers on income and wealth distribution, intergenerational mobility within these distributions, the measurement of vertical and horizontal inequalities and new tools and methodologies to measure inequalities were called for.
The seminar was held in the Fernando Fajnzylber room at ECLAC headquarters in Santiago, Chile, on August 26 and 27, and was co-financed by the European Union.

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