Multisectoral Alliances in Education. First Regional Meeting | IDB, Reduca, Proyecto Educar 2050 | Buenos Aires

The purpose of the meeting was to promote the exchange of ideas and experiences among those working for education in the public and private sectors in Latin America, revaluing the collaborative work in the region. The aim of this exchange is to reflect on the work of Multisectoral Alliances in Education (MAEs), made up of educational authorities, civil society and business leaders, based on the premise that through these it is possible to generate a systemic and structural impact that goes beyond the results of an individual intervention.

During his presentation, Javier González stated that “in the face of inequality in Latin America, it is essential to achieve alliances that work in education in order to achieve greater articulation in the face of challenges”. He also added that “civil society support for educational improvement is key, through the exchange of educational experiences with results. Then the big challenge is how to scale up these good initiatives.”

Civil Society can be engaged through both advocacy (awareness raising and technical dialogue
with governments, information gathering, monitoring, evaluation of public policy and involvement of different actors in the educational community), as well as through the implementation of educational programs themselves, collaborating with the State in co-financing educational services and guaranteeing the continuity of policies and programs. The engagement of the Private Sector, however, can take place in different ways: provision of educational services in subsidized private schools, philanthropy and corporate social responsibility projects, among others.

The meeting was attended by representatives from all sectors of countries from the Southern region: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay, and it is the first of three regional meetings.