SUMMA’s First Publication: Innovation in Education for the 21st Century (Now in English)

This is the first institutional book, which, in addition to publicizing its objectives, strategic guidelines and areas of work, describes the regional challenge of creating instances of learning, collaboration, mutual work and networking, Visions of the different actors that make up the school community.

The collaboration and the expansion of the borders are known as fundamental values ​​of the organization, since for SUMMA to have a regional consensual agenda and that guides the decision making, is one of its great goals. Through tables and discussion groups with key players, regional education policy reports will be developed and validated.

SUMMA’s definition of innovation in education, which refers to a process that can be planned and that adds value to educational policies, therefore some of the tools that are available and transmitted in the book, is A platform of effective educational practices, which discloses the cost and impact in the learning of diverse educational strategies and interventions; And a map of innovations, which brings together successful educational experiences.

You can know and download our publication HERE