SUMMA and La Caixa Foundation organize seminar on effective educational practices | Lima, Peru

The international seminar jointly organized by SUMMA and La Caixa Foundation on April 11 in the city of Lima was entitled “Promoting teacher training through ICTs”.

The initiative was part of the alliance established between the two institutions more than a year ago and whose purpose is to promote the use of international evidence on effective pedagogical practices, in order to contribute to improving teacher training processes.

The seminar was a forum for reflection on the challenges of teacher training in Peru and how the use of evidence and ICTs strengthen this process, aiming at quality, equitable and inclusive education. Cases of innovations developed in the country in this field were also presented at the seminar.


The meeting was held at the GRADE headquarters and was attended by authorities from the world of education, national and international experts, teachers, executives, civil society organizations and researchers.

SUMMA – La Caixa Foundation Alliance

One of the first results of the joint work between SUMMA and La Caixa Foundation has been the elaboration of resources that allow the implementation of effective educational practices. In 2018, based on its pedagogical innovation proposal, SUMMA began the elaboration of guidelines for teacher training and classroom work, focused on two effective educational practices: formative feedback and collaborative learning.

A preliminary version of these guidelines was presented during the day of reflection held in October 2018, which constituted a milestone in the validation of these materials. For this instance, specialists in the respective effective practices, decision-makers, academics, teachers and school principals were summoned. The materials developed were shared and the content, usefulness and feasibility of implementation were analyzed.

[email protected] Coalition for the Global South

The seminar Promoting Teacher Education through ICTs is also linked to the work that SUMMA is developing as part of the Coalition for Teacher Professional Development (DPD, for its acronym in Spanish) for the Global South ([email protected] Coalition for the Global South), which is led by the Foundation for Information Technology Education and Development (FIT-ED) and the International Development Research Centre (IDRC).

This partnership has three main objectives: 1) supporting governments and implementers across the global South in the design, development and deployment of equitable and sustainable quality models of DPD at scale; 2) supporting research and knowledge sharing on innovative DPD models and how to effectively adapt them to a wide range of global South contexts and 3) harmonizing efforts and investments in DPD in the global South.

Progress on these objectives in Latin America will be led and contextualized by SUMMA.