SUMMA exhibits at an international congress on learning in the digital age, organized by the Ministry of Education of Argentina | Buenos Aires

Dante Castillo-Canales, Director of Innovative Policies and Practices of SUMMA, participated in the international congress Learning for the Future in the Age of Artificial Intelligence, organized by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Science and Technology of Argentina, with the sponsorship of UNESCO and the IDB.

Castillo-Canales participated in the plenary session Skills for the Age of Artificial Intelligence, where he presented SUMMA’s vision of the challenges posed by emerging technologies and artificial intelligence in the skills needed for this new world, and its convergence with education. This is in a context such as that of Latin America and the Caribbean, where many of the challenges are still related to infrastructure, coverage, quality and inclusion, among others.

Elena Arias, education specialist from the Inter-American Development Bank, and Antonio Vázquez Brust, Big Data Specialist, University of Buenos Aires, were also participating in this panel. The moderator was Leandro Goroyesky, executive director of the National Institute of Technological Education (INET) of the Ministry of Education of Argentina.

During the second day of the congress, Dante Castillo-Canales moderated the plenary session on Innovation and Digital Education in Latin America, where experiences of educational implementation in this field were discussed.

About the international congress

This international meeting raised the need to accompany the curricular integration of digital education, programming and robotics in compulsory education in Argentina. The initiative is part of the national digital innovation plan Learning Connected, which places this country among the most advanced in relation to the incorporation in formal education of knowledge for a future increasingly influenced by digitalization and artificial intelligence.

The event was attended by ministers of education from Latin American countries, ministers of education from Argentine provinces, intergovernmental organizations and development aid agencies, business representatives, ICT facilitators, teachers, and representatives of the most prominent countries in their digital education policy, with the aim of strengthening training, the exchange of experiences and the construction of public policy. In addition, this congress served as the stage for the regional launch of the Beijing Consensus on artificial intelligence and education by Unesco.

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