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The 68th annual conference of the Comparative & International Education Society (CIES), held March 10-14 in Miami, brought together the community of researchers, teachers, activists, program developers and international organizations working to build and grow education worldwide. This year the topic of discussion was “The Power of Protest,” analyzing how it might engage with the histories, curricula, theories, methodologies, and pedagogies that guide acts of protest and how to think generatively about them.

SUMMA – KIX LAC was present during the week of the meeting with an active participation of the delegation in different sessions and panels, formed by its executive director, Javier González; the director of Innovative Policies and Practices, the director of the Regional Center for Knowledge Exchange and Innovation for Latin America and the Caribbean (KIX LAC), Raúl Chacón; Dante Castillo-Canales; and the Country Support Officer and coordinator of KIX Honduras, Rosa María Moncada.

On Wednesday, March 13, Raúl Chacón gave a presentation on “Exchange and learning experiences in Latin America and the Caribbean: the educational needs of the countries are central to the KIX LAC”, at the panel organized by IDRCpanel: “Transforming evidence into action through cross-country knowledge sharing: lessons from the Global Alliance for Knowledge Exchange and Innovation in Education (KIX)“: “We are working with governments, civil society, teachers’ unions, academics. We bring them together to support their own education system and facilitate agreements between countries to strengthen their collaboration.”he explained.


Later in the day, a panel was organized by NORRAG, about “The power of contextual knowledge for sectoral analysis and planning”, in which González spoke about how to advance educational reforms through the synthesis and mobilization of knowledge, and he also discussed in depth the experience of KIX LAC in El Salvador with the country support mechanism. Afterwards, the Minister of Education of El Salvador, José Mauricio Pineda, spoke in depth about the educational reform Mi Nueva Escuela, in which SUMMA provided technical assistance.

The minister explained that the KIX LAC country support mechanism “has provided good support, promoting south-south cooperation, and bringing in experts who, through evidence, gave us the opportunity to analyze our gaps and challenges”. “We have been working with SUMMA for 18 months on technical assistance and more than 3 years with KIX LAC. We have concluded the work, so next Tuesday we will make it public for the institutions and academia,” he said.

Subsequently, Javier González, Raúl Chacón, accompanied by Minister of Education Pineda, participated in a round table discussion. Protest against hegemonic definitions of evidence of quality education: the case for a broader range of evidence, a session organized by, with the presentation Expanding the rangeKIX LAC Center’s Evidence Notebook: The Role of Gray Literature in Improving Educational Policies in Latin America and the Caribbean.


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