Ministry of Education of Panama and SUMMA launch Comprehensive and Socio-emotional Learning Recovery Program

Apr 27, 2022 | Featured, News


With the aim of supporting and accompanying teachers and schools in returning to face-to-face classes and recovering learning lost due to the pandemic, the Ministry of Education (Meduca), together with SUMMA (Laboratory for Research and Innovation in Education for America Latin America and the Caribbean), launched the Comprehensive and Socioemotional Learning Recovery Program (PRISA).

Meduca and SUMMA joined forces to design a learning recovery policy, through the development of an ecosystem of pedagogical resources and professional training to strengthen the capacities of educators and schools. PRISA arises due to the urgent need to reduce educational gaps exacerbated by the pandemic, manifested dramatically in the loss of what has been learned by thousands of Panamanian students.

The Minister of Education, Maruja Gorday de Villalobos, said that “today we present with SUMMA, a comprehensive socio-emotional learning recovery program that even directly impacts the Let’s all learn to read program and strengthens the work that is doing to generate learning resources for all students”.

“The pandemic left us with the great challenge of focusing on recovering lost learning and, with it, ensuring the universal right to a quality, equitable and inclusive education, one of the central objectives of SUMMA”, assured the director of SUMMA, Javier González .


The director of Innovative Policies and Practices of SUMMA, Dante Castillo-Canales, stated that “the importance of PRISA is that it connects an urgent problem of returning to face-to-face classes, with recommendations informed by quality international evidence on pedagogical practices and effective programs in the learning recovery.”

Through the PRISA web ecosystem, you can access various guides with pedagogical orientations that strengthen transversal skills for leveling, a platform of Effective Practices and the Map of Innovations, all free access initiatives for educational communities and relevant actors of the system education in Panama.

In addition, during the 2022 school year, PRISA will start the course “Effective pedagogical practices for the recovery and improvement of learning”, which has the objective of strengthening the professional development of teachers to improve pedagogical practices in the classroom. The ESTER platform will be the meeting point for the course.

The different resources, tools and guidelines constitute the PRISA Ecosystem, hosted on the Meduca site and articulated with the Ester platform, so that schools and teachers find all the support resources in one place to strengthen their capacities in the learning recovery approach. The initiative also had the support of the Tinker Foundation.

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