New cycle of webinars will address inclusion issues contained in the first Regional GEM Report 2020, produced by UNESCO and SUMMA

May 27, 2019 | Agenda, News


The next cycle of GEM Regional Report 2020 webinars will begin on May 30: Right to Education and Inclusion in Latin America and the Caribbean. The series, organized by SUMMA through its CO+INCIDE platform, includes 9 virtual talks and the participation of outstanding exhibitors.


The purpose of this space is to disseminate key content and sensitize the community on issues related to educational inclusion in the region. The format of virtual chats allows, in turn, to facilitate the contact of the participants with expert actors, to access relevant and quality information, and to generate an open dialogue around these topics.

This cycle is part of the preparation of the first Regional GEM Report 2020, which will accompany the global version. The International Advisory Board of the GEM Report – of which SUMMA director Javier González is a member – decided that this first regional version should focus on the Americas and the Caribbean, given that regardless of its economic progress, this region continues to have the largest and most challenging economic inequalities in the world, and it is necessary to deepen approach to inclusive education. The Regional Report will address this approach from 8 perspectives: socio-economic status, disability, ethnicity, gender, migration, children and youth deprived of liberty, rurality and sexual minorities (LGBTQ+). Each theme will have its own virtual chat in the cycle that is being presented.

The webinars will be monthly, from May to January 2020 and will be open to the general public.



First session: introduction to the cycle

The first talk of the cycle will be next Thursday, May 30 at 15:00 GMT and has been titled Why Does Inequality in Education Persist in Latin America and the Caribbean? The question seeks to introduce the different expressions that exclusion has in the region and to use the diagnosis of inequality that experts have devised as the structural axis of the report.

In this opening day, those in charge of the entities that work in the creation of the 2020 Regional GEM Report will be presented: Manos Antoninis, Director of the Education for All Global Monitoring Report (GEM) at UNESCO Paris; Javier González, Director of SUMMA and Carlos Vargas, Head of the Teaching Development Unit of UNESCO/OREALC.


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