Session 4 – Community of Practice “Gender Equality Perspective in Education”

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  • Region: América Latina
  • lAuthor / source: SUMMA - KIX LAC
  • Year: 2023
  • tTheme: Gender equity

The Community of Practice in Gender and Education of KIX LAC, held its fourth working session and webinar seminar “Pedagogies for an education with a gender equality perspective”, to learn about the academic perspective on the role of teachers in the development of these pedagogies.

Fernanda del Pozo and Maciel Morales Aceitón, Researchers at KIX LAC and organizers of the community, welcomed the attendees from various countries in Central America and the Caribbean and expressed the importance of discussing the reproduction of sexism in education systems and the challenges for addressing culturally ingrained practices from the teaching role. Along with this, they stressed the importance of having collective discussion spaces where experiences and reflections on the subject can be shared from different territories. 🔎 More info

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