Second meeting and seminar of the community of practice Gender and education

Oct 11, 2022 | kix, News


The Community of Practice on Gender and Education of KIX LAC, held its second working session and webinar seminar “Initiatives with a gender equality perspective in education in Latin America and the Caribbean”, which included presentations by CLADE and the association On Continue!

This meeting, the second of 5 sessions, had the objective of bringing together again the members of the community and other public interested in the subject, with the objective of learning about the process of design and implementation of initiatives with a gender perspective based on experience. 

Nelsy Lizarazo, general coordinator of the Latin American Campaign for the Right to Education – CLADE – made the presentation “Overcoming gender-based violence from and with educational communities”, currently implemented in Haiti, Honduras and Nicaragua. This initiative proposes to expand and strengthen education systems to improve equity and inclusion in rural communities through the effective use of digital technologies and their adaptations to the diverse socio-cultural realities.

“We have learned a lot from rural educational communities, recognizing their local capacities and creating ties to strengthen the community fabric, which is what will sustain the change we are betting on, because those of us who work in gender know that we are betting on a profound cultural change,” said Lizarazo.

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