SUMMA among the 5 regional public goods best evaluated by the IDB

Aug 16, 2018 | News


The confirmation of this new funding was announced a few weeks ago, and allows us to continue the work of SUMMA, which today has the support of ten ministries of education in the region: Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Panama, Peru and Uruguay.

For Javier González, director of SUMMA, “this new funding allows us to consolidate what SUMMA has achieved in its first two years of existence, and to think about a new stage of development. For 2019 we have proposed to materialize Lab-Ed SUMMA, a laboratory with the purpose of working from innovation to provide solutions to the main educational problems of the region”.

The application for Regional Public Goods funds is part of an annual call, in which the IDB requests proposals from the region to finance projects that promote Regional Public Goods through collective action. Of a total of 89 initiatives that applied this year, only 17% were selected for funding. SUMMA was among the five best evaluated initiatives and was one of the three that received funds to implement their second phase, which represents a very important recognition of the work done.

The Inter-American Development Bank’s Regional Public Goods (RPS) initiative is based on the premise that the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean share numerous development challenges and opportunities, which can be addressed more efficiently and effectively through regional collective action and cooperation.


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