SUMMA develops a strategic alliance with EEF

Jun 4, 2016 | News


Within its strategic objectives, SUMMA has defined the need to generate robust evidence regarding the effectiveness of educational practices and interventions.

To fulfill this objective, SUMMA has developed a strategic alliance with the United Kingdoms’ Education Endowment Foundation (EEF), to identify, systemize and spread international evidence regarding cost-effective school innovations.

The EEF is an independent organization dedicated to breaking the connection between family income and educational achievement of children and young people, making sure that every student, regardless of their origin, can develop his capacities and talents. This way it contributes to the improvement of academic performance of students that face social disadvantages, through school innovations that address their needs.

With the support from Fundación Chile and IDB, this alliance will allow SUMMA to bring to the region a platform that systematizes the available international evidence, through meta-analysis and systematic revision of the scientific literature. Thanks to the development of an effective practice platform, SUMMA will make available evidence that helps inform the decision making process of policy makers, principals and educators.

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