SUMMA exhibits at the international conference MEDIA in TRANSITION-Democracy and Digital Media, organized by MIT | Cambridge MA, USA.

May 17, 2019 | News


Felipe Prado, SUMMA’s Research and Innovation Networks coordinator, participated in the tenth version of the meeting MEDIA in TRANSITION (MiT10). He spoke on “Using Social Networks to Strengthen Collaborative Regional Ecosystems: The Case of CO+INCIDE“. This paper was selected by the MiT10 committee from many proposals.

CO+INCIDE is a collaborative space created by SUMMA, which today more than 200 organizations from 21 countries as members. The experience of building and managing this platform is what will be discussed in the presentation, since it is a good example of how to combine digital infrastructure with socio-cultural animation practices, to strengthen educational ecosystems through the collaboration and exchange of the organizations that integrate it.

CO+INCIDE’s objective is to promote the development of a virtuous ecosystem of collaboration between actors from the public and private sectors and civil society, in order to accelerate educational improvement in the region. To this end, it provides its members with a space for participation that allows them to: Know the latest initiatives developed by organizations, innovators, researchers and leaders of the educational community; Share news, events, publications and activities; Collaborate with the most important educational networks in the region to scale up impact; Connect with potential financiers to boost your projects; Influence local and regional educational policies and practices.

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About MiT10

The MiT10 conference is organized by professors from the Department of Comparative Media/Writing Studies and is supported by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s School of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences, along with its programs in Anthropology, Global Studies and Languages, History, Literature, Political Science and Science, Technology & Society.

In its tenth edition, this conference invites reflection on the great changes that the media has undergone in recent decades, what new challenges their development poses and how non-traditional sources of learning, knowledge production and participation are reforming the civic spheres.

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