SUMMA is now open for applications for innovative education projects in Central America and the Caribbean

Oct 4, 2021 | kix, News


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2020 Competition (Only in Spanish)


The Laboratory for Research and Innovation in Education for Latin America and the Caribbean – SUMMA – the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States – OECS – the International Development Research Centre – IDRC – and the Knowledge and Innovation Exchange Centre for Latin America and the Caribbean – KIX LAC -, with the support of The University of the West Indies, the University of Guyana and the Universidad Pedagógica Nacional Francisco Morazán of Honduras, invite to participate in the 2nd Call for Innovation in Educational Justice in Central America and the Caribbean.

The call seeks to identify and promote innovations that are in an initial development phase and require technical and monetary support to improve their implementation model in the KIX LAC countries (Dominica, Grenada, Guatemala, Guyana, El Salvador, Haiti, Honduras, Nicaragua, Saint Lucia and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines). They should respond to the main challenges of education systems in the region.

“Inequity in education and inequality in Latin America are a consequence of bad luck but caused by injustice in the rules of the game that generate exclusion. It is difficult to innovate in the education sector, and in order to do so we must be able to eliminate certain myths and test new hypotheses. Collaboration and networking between actors is what will improve the system, learning from each other,” said Javier Gonzalez, director of SUMMA. 

The call for proposals will award 4 innovations that will receive funding of 10,000 dollars (gross), a workshop on Theory of Change and another for the generation of the Sustainability Plan, with evaluation and feedback. The process of support and accompaniment that will take place in the following months aims to strengthen the innovation model and to establish, through research, evidence of its effectiveness. 

“We expect with this call to contribute to the identification and promotion of effective innovative initiatives pointing to educational improvement in the countries that are part of the KIX in Central America and the Caribbean. The focus of this call is to promote those actions that are carried out at different territorial levels and that aim to reduce the educational gaps that affect the most socially disadvantaged populations,” said Raúl Chacón, director of the KIX LAC – Knowledge and Innovation Exchange Hub, led by SUMMA. 

In the 2020 edition of the competition, 78 projects from 11 countries in the region applied for projects on educational programs, digital platforms, workshops and tutorials, applications, teacher training, pedagogical material, among others.

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