SUMMA presents at the 9th World Conference of Scientific Youth | Aula Magna, University of Santiago

Nov 16, 2018 | Agenda, News


The SUMMA presentation took place on Sunday 18 at 10:20 am in the Aula Magna of Universidad de Santiago, and focused on education in the Latin American context and prospects for educational innovation.

According to its organizers, the initiative is a call and an opening to young people motivated by the search for a better world and the unwavering hope that it is possible; is a meeting among students, professionals with an extensive background and researchers who develop new approaches to Science at the service of the Environment, Life, Humanism and Peace, enriched by multi, trans and interdisciplinary approaches and linked to Art, Philosophy and Didactics. The term “youth” refers to the ability to create and produce new contributions or the search for them, so chronological age is not a limiting factor.

The Conference took place on November 15-19, 2018, at Universidad de Santiago de Chile. The initiative brought together more than 100 leading lecturers from multiple disciplines, and an array of activities that are in line with UN Sustainable Development Goals 4 and 9.  Thematically, there will be scientific, artistic, and philosophical activities ranging from astrophysics to microbiology, from neurosciences to music, from ecology to nutrition, from modern medicine to ancestral philosophy, from electronics to humanism, from the history of science to innovation, among others.

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General information about the Congress here

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