Technical learning visit: Guyana and Grenada were welcomed by the Bahamas education team to share their experience in EMIS.

Jun 13, 2024 | Destacada KIX, kix, News, Press


SUMMA and OECS, through its KIX LAC center, with the support of the Global Partnership for Education and IDRC, conducted the fourth technical learning visit. On this occasion, representatives from the Ministries of Education of Guyana and Grenada were received by officials from the Ministry of Education of The Bahamas from June 10-14, 2024.

The main objectives of this exchange of knowledge and experiences between countries were explicitly based on the implementation process by the Ministry of Education of the Bahamas of the EMIS System and, specifically, on the use of the report card, examination, and risk modules, with emphasis on:

  • Acquiring knowledge on integrating OpenEMIS and other systems and platforms, especially data flow and interoperability.
  • Knowing specific tools or functions for planning and statistical analysis.
  • Learn from the Bahamas approach to user training during OpenEMIS implementation.
  • Explore additional modules used in the Bahamas that the Ministry of Education does not currently implement in Guyana.

Meeting with Lorraine Symonette-Armbrister, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Education of The Bahamas.

Meeting with the Prime Minister’s delivery unit. Dayran Rebecca Seymour, priority manager, and Fiorella Ormeno, associate director.


Context of EMIS in Guyana

The Ministry of Education of Guyana launched the Education Management Information System (EMIS) nationwide on October 30, 2023. This system is a management tool that facilitates the generation of reliable and timely data, essential for the planning, monitoring, and evaluating various projects, policies, and programs carried out by the Ministry. Implementing EMIS in schools represents a departure from traditional paper-based processes (use of an admissions book and physical attendance register). Instead, schools are adopting a digital platform that streamlines administrative tasks and allows teachers to spend more time on classroom activities.

Following its launch, comprehensive training sessions are conducted in all regions to familiarize schools with the central online system and the offline survey tool. EMIS allows the Ministry to access relevant statistical information in real-time. Currently, schools are using the Personnel, Pupil, Academic, and Attendance modules. The sector aims to improve efficiency further by implementing additional modules, such as the report card, exam, and risk modules. To learn about best practices in the use of the exam and report card modules, this exchange with the Bahamas Ministry of Education took place, as they have successfully implemented these modules.

Photo: Visit to Anatol Rodgers School. Teachers and managers met to discuss the implementation of report cards, feedback and recommendations for their use.



Bahamas Ministry of Education

  • Sharmaine Sinclair, Deputy Director General.

Guyana Ministry of Education

  • Tonnica Dey, Head of Planning
  • Dahvis Caldeira, Senior Statistician.
  • Phil Mingo, Head of Information Systems.

Ministry of Education, Grenada

  • Kade DeCoteau, Information and Communication Technology Officer.


  • Raul Chacón, directo of KIX LAC Program.
  • Mar Botero, KIX LAC Knowledge Mobilization Officer.
  • Germain Anthony, OECS Senior Technical Specialist.



Educational Management Information System (EMIS)

The Educational Management Information System (EMIS) is designed to collect, integrate, process, maintain and disseminate data and information. It facilitates decision-making, policy analysis, formulation, planning, monitoring, and management at all levels of an education system. This system integrates people, technology, models, methods, processes, procedures, rules, and regulations to help decision-makers, managers, and users, in general, access relevant data and information to make informed decisions.

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