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We design and adapt innovative strategies to pilot and evaluate their effectiveness and relevance in the Latin American context in order to prepare for their scaling up.

The innovation area seeks to adapt, pilot and/or evaluate intervention models that are proven to be effective, in such a way that they become concrete alternatives in response to the educational gaps detected in the region. This line considers the adjustment of innovative experiences to local contexts in such a way as to ensure relevance to regional characteristics and needs, seeking their scalability. Among the interventions carried out are the Chaka Programme, programme evaluations such as Modelo Pionero, Impact Fund, IDRC Ecuador, School Networks, among others.

It also seeks to synthesize knowledge produced at the regional and international levels on the effectiveness of educational interventions at school level. In this way, it aims to support public policy decision-makers, intermediate leaders, teachers, principals, NGOs, civil society, and the educational community as a whole, promoting decision-making based on quality evidence.

Innovation and global knowledge platforms

Map of Innovations

It is an online platform that SUMMA makes available to school communities, academics, government authorities and the general public, which aims to identify, describe and disseminate successful experiences of educational innovation, promoted and developed in Latin America and the Caribbean as well as in other parts of the world.

Effective Educational Practices

It is an online tool that synthesizes high quality international and Latin American academic evidence on the effectiveness of educational interventions at the school level. Developed in conjunction with the EEF, one of the most important centres in the world in evidence synthesis, in order to be a relevant support for decision makers in public policy, teachers, principals and the educational community as a whole.


It is a platform of educational, social, and economic indicators developed by the Knowledge and Innovation Exchange centre for Latin America and the Caribbean (KIX LAC). This online tool aims to highlight the educational gaps in the countries that make up KIX LAC, highlight their progress and provide policy alternatives that respond to the challenges identified.


Our outstanding initiatives

SUMMA Library

SUMMA makes various documents available in this space, such as publications, reports, journals, infographics, and multimedia content, focused on key issues that contribute to evidence-based decision-making and public policy definitions.





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