What do we do?

Network advocacy

Dissemination, collaboration, scaling

SUMMA seeks to support and influence the public agendas of its member countries through initiatives with proven positive effects on the promotion of the right to education.

The need to advance in the promotion of innovative and effective policies and practices is urgent. The objective of improving the quality of learning and promoting greater inclusion and equity in education is pressing. In this context, SUMMA has proposed to support and influence the decision-making processes of educational policies and practices, through the generation, synthesis, and use of rigorous evidence. In this way, SUMMA promotes reforms at different levels, from structural policies to programmes and classroom teaching practices that promote institutional changes.

SUMMA has developed collaborative work methodologies with other institutions in order to increase the impact of its initiatives. These methodologies encourage networking within the educational ecosystem of the region, and the joint dissemination of initiatives capable of providing solutions to the main educational challenges of Latin America and the Caribbean.

Our outstanding initiatives

SUMMA Library

SUMMA makes various documents available in this space, such as publications, reports, journals, infographics, and multimedia content, focused on key issues that contribute to evidence-based decision-making and public policy definitions.





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