What do we do?



SUMMA develops cutting-edge research in education, to identify gaps, highlight priorities, and strengthen decision-making processes in the definition of public policies.

In this area, SUMMA has focused on various issues related to, among others: educational justice, education financing systems, inclusion of excluded school populations (students from ethnic minorities, prisoners, LGTBI+, migrants, students with disabilities, students in rural areas, among others), responses to COVID, effective teaching practices, teacher professional development policies, social mobility and national eco-systems of innovation.

Most of the research is carried out collaboratively, between SUMMA researchers and researchers from international organizations, ministries, universities, and research centres of regional and global prestige.

Our outstanding initiatives

SUMMA Library

SUMMA makes various documents available in this space, such as publications, reports, journals, infographics, and multimedia content, focused on key issues that contribute to evidence-based decision-making and public policy definitions.





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